Grocery Program

Participate in our Grocery Program and you can boost our Mission Giving Funds! When you sign up for Smith’s Inspiring Donations program or purchase gift cards from Albertsons / Vons , a portion of your purchase is donated back to MVCP!

Smith’s Program – Inspiring Donations

Inspiring Donations rebates MVPC a portion of your purchase.

  1. Update the registration of your Smith’s Reward Card number (or phone number) at
  2. MVPC’s organization number is CF673.
  3. After registration, every purchase at Smith’s earns money for the MVPC!

Albertsons / Vons Gift Card Program

  1. Contact Jeff Patterson at 702-528-8199 or Sunday morning services to purchase Albertsons / Vons gift cards.
  2. These gift cards can be used at all Albertsons, Vons, and other affiliated stores across the country, including Acme, Jewel, Osco and Safeway.
  3. Albertsons / Vons donates 5% of the amount of the gift card purchased ($100 gift card = $5 donation) back to MVPC. When multiplied by dozens of participants, our returns become substantial!

Email or call the MVPC office at 702-341-7800 for more information about our Grocery Program.